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7th Edition Rajasthan Film Festival in Jaipur 2019: Films are the reflection of our society, thoughts, trends, and lifestyles. The depiction of stories is done in such a way that the audience relates to it and can empathize the emotions behind that. With the growth of the world’s technology, every industry has grown, and the Film Industry is not an exception to that. With the growing technology and techniques, the way with which films are create has also change. Today due to technology the film making has gone to another level, and animate films are the best example for that. There are many other developments in the Industry, changing story-lines, acting, way of depiction and many more.

7th Edition Rajasthan Film Festival in Jaipur 2019 | Best Award Function in India

7th Film Festival in India 2019


Rajasthan Film Festival is organize every year to showcase the cinematic efforts of the regional cinemas. From the last 7 years, Rajasthan Film Festival is working in this lead. The festival was start with the motive to appreciate the work of Rajasthani Cinema but now we are on the mission to make all regional cinema recognize on a vast platform and help them to reach upper levels. This year in Rajasthan Film Festival 24 awards are been categories into the two broad categories:

1). 12 awards for Regional cinemas other than Rajasthani Cinema. 

2). 12 awards for Rajasthani Cinema.

There is a new industry coming up in the cinema field that is Short Film Cinema Industry. We believe that Short Films are the upcoming trend of cinema. The way with which short films are created and appreciate by the audience is highly notable. So, keeping it in mind this year RFF is also going to organize Short Film Festival during its festival. There will be the 8 categories of the award under which artists will be reward in the Short Film Festival and Best Award Function in India.

Regional and Short Film Festival

Hence, we invite all the filmmakers to come and register their film under Rajasthan Film Festival in India. Furthermore, you can submit any regional film and short film in the festival. This is a good platform for you to make your work recognize in front of a vast audience. So, be the part of the festival and make it more beautiful by the submission of your feature films.

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