Anil Kumar Jain

(Programming Head)

Anil Kumar Jain is the Programming Head of Rajasthan Film Festival. Post graduated in film technology from Punjab University, he has directed and produced multiple Rajasthani films. His contribution in regional cinema of the state has earned him a significant name in the industry. He has been a great source of support since many years in organizing RFF.

Dashrath Joshi

(Creative & Management Head)

Dashrath Joshi is the Creative Head of Rajasthan Film Festival. He manages the festival from its commencement till the end by designing, planning and coordinating the activities throughout the event. He ensures a smooth flow of every proceeding during the festival. His contributions towards the management and organisation of RFF have taken the festival to a glorious level with a graph going upward every year.

Akshay Mittal

(Digital Head)

Akshay Mittal is the Digital Head of Rajasthan Film Festival. He oversees the digital marketing and manages the media content of the festival across all forms. His constant efforts have made RFF reach a large number of audience and gain traction and prominence. He has successfully.

Vineet Asopa

(Senior Creative Writer)

Vineet Asopa manages brand communications and show flow for the Rajasthan Film Festival. He handles the event’s scripting, guest management, and creative enhancements, such as thematic concepts and interactive segments, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. His innovative approach and dedication elevate the festival’s success.

Mayur Mandhaniya

(Senior Manager – Event Branding)

Mayur Mandhaniya manages branding and designing of the Rajasthan Film Festival. He is the man behind designing the gorgeous red carpet walked by the esteemed artists, film- experts and celebrities. His creativity and skills has largely contributed in the progression of RFF.