Glimpses of Rajasthan Film Festival 2013

Date: 28 September 2013
Venue: Deep Smriti Auditorium Jaipur, Raj, India

Rajasthan Film Festival is a film award function organized on a very large scale. People from all over the world come to see this festival from other parts of the world. This festival has its own beauty. This step has created a positive impact in the minds of people. It is not just an event it carries the feeling and emotion of people who are connected with the land of Rajasthan.

This festival came into existence to keep and maintain the glorification of Rajasthani cinema and thus helped in the survival of talent, culture, arts, and artists that worked for Rajasthan. Kanchan Cassettes and Series organized the annual awards ceremony for the first time ever, on 28th September 2013 at the Deep Smriti Auditorium, Jaipur. RJ Moniya, Anchor Kabeer and Anchor Mann hosted the event with grandeur.The event started narrating a very short documentary that depicted the history of Rajasthani cinema over the past seventy years.

The artisans and technicians of Rajasthan being the part of Rajasthan’s film industry celebrated and respected their state and its culture in their own different ways. The ceremony honored and rewarded the artists who have worked and given a huge contribution to the industry by creating Rajasthani as well as Hindi films within the state. There were a series of awards that were given to the people who contributed something or the other in the line of Filmmaking.

The known and Renowned politician, Dr. Mahesh Joshi was the Chief Guest for the Rajasthan Film Festival. The Best Film award was awarded to the film “ Bhobhar (Rajasthani) and Us Disha Mai (Hindi) . The esteemed Lifetime Achievement award was awarded to Mohan Singh Rathore, Kshitiz Kumar, Ramesh Tiwari, Neelu Vaghela, Gulabo Sapera, O.P. Vyas, Veena Cassettes, and Modern Cassettes. Rajasthan Film Festival has successfully won the hearts of millions of people. It created a major impact in the minds of people with positive responses. Rajasthan Film festival is an award function organized for a great purpose and it was appreciated by the people.

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