Glimpses of Rajasthan Film Festival 2014

Date: 20th September 2014
Venue: Deep Smriti Auditorium Jaipur, Raj, India

Rajasthan Film Festival had its second addition this time. But it was for the first time that Rajasthan Film Festival was involved in a two-day event, the fact was that the first addition was a grand success and the effort of the team was appreciated by the people. Keeping this fact in mind the second addition came up with something different and a 2-day event was organized.

Hence, the second day of Rajasthan Film Festival was reserved for the grand award for the artists who have given something to Rajasthani cinema and the first day was used for the discussion and press conference about the current scenario of Rajasthani cinema and the path where it is leading now.

The panel of great and renowned personalities was led by the president of Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority, Onkar Singh Lakhawat. The main idea of this interchange was to create an impact in the mind of the state government to make a move and work towards the development of Rajasthani arts and films. Various actors, directors, artists, technicians, and writers of Rajasthan’s film industry represented their ideologies about this topic.

The second edition of Rajasthan Film Festival award ceremony was organized on 20th September 2014 at the Deep Smriti Auditorium. Ashok Banthia and Anchor Kabeer hosted the event . The awards were given to build confidence and encourage regional filmmakers, artists, and technicians to continue their work with the best potential towards Rajasthani cinema. Rajasthani cinema and culture was described with passion in a documentary to commence the event.

There was a list of renowned and famous personalities that came to WatchGuard this event. And there were numerous award distributions to artists and filmmakers for giving their contribution. Some of them were Mr. T.P Aggarwal, who was the President of Indian Motion Pictures Producer Association (IMPPA) he was the honorable Chief Guest of the film festival. This time the Awards were given out to a total of 24 categories in a film.

This year, the Lifetime Achievement trophy was awarded to the Nahta family and Shyam Sunder Jalani. These honorary people have dedicated four generations of their family to working with Rajasthani cinema. The Best Film award was awarded to the film “ Kahani Ek Devi Ki “ . The other famous artists and celebrities from Bollywood and the small screen who joined the event and made it memorable were actor Karanvir Bohra, playback singer Mohammed Irfan and well-known film critic Komal Nahta. Kachi Singh, Rukhsar Ahmed. The famous stand-up comedian Suresh Albela presented a highly entertaining, humorous performance.

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