Regional Film Submission

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Rajasthan is the Royal state known for its different Tradition and Culture. The blend of Rajasthani culture is represented very interestingly by the Rajasthani Cinema films. RFF rewards this type of artists and appreciates them. This year, in Rajasthan Film Festival, we have decided to walk together with all Nation. This time again RFF has come up with a new activity. This year in RFF, not only the artists of Rajasthan will be recognized but also the artists from the other regions other than Rajasthan will also be recognized and rewarded. RFF will be providing awards in 2 broad categories – (Rajasthani Cinema) Films produced in Rajasthan and (Other Regional Cinema) films produced in other regions of India. Total 24 awards will be provided, 12-12 in both the categories.

RFF believes that appreciation is one of the best ways to motivate a person. So, RFF appreciates these creative artists for their Hard Work, Passion and Constant efforts in the way to entertain people. We believe that this motivation will come out as more creative works by these people. At RFF, we believe that these artists are the next generation artists for the commercial cinema. So, there appreciation and recognition is very important to showcase their talent in front of the whole nation.

Our new initiation of this year will i.e, inviting the cinemas of all region will lead to new collaborations and new relations. This will increase the Bonding and Harmony among the artists of different regions of India. So, we invite you to the event and submit your feature films so that we can appreciate the creativity of the artists from the different regions of the country. It will give beginning to the new relationships.