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India is a blend of different Cultures, Languages, Traditions, and People, etc. Despite being such diversities, people here stay together, live together and this is why India represent unity in Diversity through its culture. This diversity has never hurdled the interests of people in their entertainment. One of the best examples for this can be the Cinema. The trend of cinema has been continuously changing for a long time. From silent to talkie, from black and white to color, from a single language to regional, every type of films are accepted by our audience with keen interest. Even the time duration of producing a film is also changing. From 3 and half hour long films to 10 to 15 minutes short films cinema has traveled a lot. The changing time period of films has given rise to a new category of films, Short Film Festival in India. And the new trend of Short films are open-heartedly welcomed by our audience and greatly appreciated by them. This kind of appreciation gives a boost to the hard work of our artist and rewarding such kind of creativity is very important to make them work more.

Cinema today has become more than just a way of entertainment. It has become a way to influence the public, motivate them, communicate with them, spread awareness and many other purposes. The importance of films and short films have increased very much. Today films and stories are made with some inspiration. Casual stories of romance and drama have lost their trend. The new stories are with unique and creative thoughts. We should understand the inspiration of the artists behind creating a film. We should apply the positive messages depicted through them in our real lives.

There are organized different Short Film Festival in India and they are celebrated at a vast platform. Short films are coming up with tremendous work and have gained great value in the cinema industry. This year, Rajasthan Film Festival is also going to organize Short Film Festival and reward the creativity and imagination of the short films and their artists to appreciate and recognize the efforts made by them to entertain the audience of our country.

Short Film in India, RFF believes that Short Films are one of the growing industry of Indian cinema and it will be raised to different peaks in coming time. Short Film Festival in India, Short Films are the films with very less time duration, less than 30 minutes. They do not take much time in processing and do not have great budgets. So, directors make experimental efforts through them and produce films with unique stories. Some of those unique stories centered the attention of the audience towards it and some among them are left unknown. These type of response of the audience help directors to analyze the choice of audience and help them to present more new stories on the bigger screen.

So, Rajasthan Film Festival supports and respect these new creative efforts made to entertain the audience. Every work includes hard work and efforts but one of them the best. And rewarding the best is necessary. This best work is the one which includes hard work a bit more than others. So to reward such hard work is necessary. We believe a reward is the best way to motivate anyone. That’s why we are rewarding the artists in 5 categories of awards to motivate them. Short Film in India, The festival is accepting every type of Short film, from any corner of the country and can get a chance to get nominated during the festival.

Entry Fees : Rs. 3000/- Indian rupees

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