Rajasthan Film Festival

Ms. Sanjana Sharma

(Founder Director)

Founder Message

Dear Friends,

The small effort taken to make Rajasthani Regional Cinema recognize the worldwide has taken a huge form and has touched higher peaks today and Now by announcing the 7th edition of Rajasthan Film Festival, I immensely feel proud and delighted to my team and the Rajasthani Cinema for helping me to reach this effort at this level. It has been a long journey of hard work and constant efforts. We have got great support from the many people on this journey. RFF has become a huge platform for the Rajasthani Cinema artists to get recognized and showcase themselves. Every year we come up with a new activity and continuing the trend this year also we are including a new category of awards. This year we will be awarding the other regional cinemas also other than Rajasthani cinema. This involvement will help artists of different regional cinemas meet and form relations. This can also give rise to new collaborations. I feel very happy at this success of the Rajasthani Cinema and will make more efforts to make it reach to worldwide.


Sanjana Sharma

Founder Director