Ms. Sanjana Sharma

(Founder Director)

Sanjana Sharma (Founder)

Sanjana Sharma is the founder and Managing Director of a film production house of Rajasthan- Kanchan cassettes and series (KSeries). She is a personality of great organizational and management skills and impressive creativity.

Sanjana Sharma organizes an annual film festival dedicated to regional cinema of India- Rajasthan Film Festival, the biggest and a one of its kind film festival in Rajasthan. Sanjana, with her team is involved in making the world class ads for various clients across India. And to provide one stop solution to the clients, she is also operating – Acemakers Technology Pvt. Ltd, a digital marketing company. Having deep interest in the field of arts and entertainment, she launched a magazine – “Pagdi Ki Shaan” in 2018.

Sanjana aims to work for the betterment of Rajasthani cinema. She wishes to give a new direction to the Rajasthani cinema and wants to promote both artistic and technical excellence of Rajasthan. Her hard work and dedication have brought her to a successful point in her career and her inborn creativity and organizational skills continuously help her to step up the ladder of success in her professional and personal life.

Life History

Sanjana Sharma was born on 28 march 1985 in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, India. She completed her education in Bikaner and then moved to Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. From childhood only, she wanted to pursue her career in the field of arts and entertainment. She started her career as an actor and dancer in films and music videos. She acted in many movies and national level TV shows.

But then she met a major accident and was on bed rest for six months. She could not continue in the field of acting but she is an example of great valor for us as she didn’t lose hope even in those bad times. She tried her hand in many businesses but didn’t get success she aimed for.

In 2008, she founded a music and film production company- Kanchan cassettes and series (k-series) in the name of her mother. Sanjana Sharma decided to work in the field of music industry and the work was going well. But the life keeps us giving challenges and one more challenge was awaiting Sanjana and her team, the advent of Pen drives and online resources badly struck the CD’s and DVD’s producers and sellers. The business was going down badly but again, Sanjana is a courageous woman and in those times when everyone was losing hope, Sanjana Sharma, with her in bound creativity and artistic excellence came up with the Idea of Rajasthan Film Festival.

In 2013, Sanjana Sharma organized Rajasthan Film Festival (RFF) to honor the artistic and technical excellence of Rajasthani cinema. This show was a great success and motivated the artists and technicians to work better. This show convinced the artists and technicians of Rajasthan Film Industry that the world will honor the value of their work and this is a platform which can take their career to new heights. So, Sanjana Sharma decided to continue the Rajasthan film festival every year. In RFF 2014, many famous celebrities and other respected personalities from film industry, corporate, and politics also participated and this show was even a bigger success. And now the RFF is celebrated every year and it is getting bigger and better every year. By the year 2019, the RFF expanded its reach to whole of India and invited regional films from across the India. The RFF has connected all the regional cinemas of India with a single link and thus more opportunities will be created for the artists. Sanjana Sharma is now successful in providing an international platform to artists of not only Rajasthani cinema but also to artists of other regional cinema of India to showcase their talent to the world. And many big brands like Bikaji, Airtel, Oswal Soap Group, Wonder Cement, PC Jewellers, JK Masale, Tamil Nadu Tourism, Puducherry Tourism, Telangana Tourism and many more has joined her in the mission.

She also created many music videos and songs, which got huge success like Phir Mujhe Dil Se Pukar, Galatfahmiya, Saugaat Teri, Banna O. She has also worked in field digital distribution of the music and got good response from various top clients. Her energy and creativity has helped her in developing relations with industry leaders and govt. officials. She has also completed various govt. projects.

She is a woman of high aspirations and thus she also stepped into the field of Ads design and development. Having knowledge of film production and budgeting the shoots has helped her in this new venture also. The company’s Advertisement journey has been great till now with clients like Oswal Soap Group, Bikaji, Binny Footwear, already in the checklist.

Because of her keen interest in the field of entertainment and politics, Sanjana Sharma also launched a quarterly magazine – “Pagdi ki Shaan” in the year 2018. She aims to work continuously in the field of arts and entertainment with continuous innovation and creativity.

Sanjana Sharma has got really good inter and intrapersonal skills. Also, her enthusiastic and friendly personality always makes her a source of positivity among her friends and colleagues. Keeping the learning as her work path and upliftment of Rajasthani cinema as her motive, Sanjana Sharma is continuously working to achieve her dreams and is also a source of motivation for others.