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film festival in India

Film Festivals in India, The westernization of India is famous all over the world people from many countries come to India to feel the dynamic aggregate of India. Since this country is known for its culture and heritage, Rajasthan a part of India has a rich cultural heritage with a unique style. The arts, dance forms, music styles, songs & plays have survived since many ages and have kept on evolving day by day.

Nowadays with the changes the country has lost its prejudice and respect, the culture is vanishing since the western culture has upheld its roots. So the property is to keep the culture alive and movies and films are the best way to reach out the people. The Rajasthani cinema has worked for many years to keep the Rajasthan’s culture alive and it has been the golden era where many artists and movies have achieved attention and appreciation all over the world.

Keeping this in mind Kanchan Cassettes & Series took a serious task in their hand and kept the foundation of Rajasthan Film Festival on 28th September 2013 to that can bring back the pride of cinema of Rajasthan and promote art and culture. This is one of the famous film festivals in India, and every year it is celebrated with great urge and style.

Rajasthan Film Festival involves events, an award show in India that promotes the artistic and technical excellence of artists in Rajasthani cinema this provide them identity and a platform where they can show their talent and get appreciation. Another plus point of this festival are dance performances, plays, live performances by singers, stand up comedians and poets.

Rajasthan Film Festival is a very big event that is organized at various locations and famous celebrities from all over India come to attend this spectacular event. Rajasthan film festival award ceremony gives awards to people who have worked and shown some extraordinary and admirable skills in their fields. Because of this the people who have worked in this field feel proud of themselves and gets identification amongst the public and all over India.

This film festival is becoming known and coming for the survival to save the Rajasthani Culture. Various celebrities come to celebrate this dynamic event and award the personalities Who gave identification to this culture.


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