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Film festival in Jaipur, Best Film Festival

Rajasthan Film Festival, Culture, and art is a necessity for the identification of oneself, culture plays an important role in bringing up the specialty from where the person belongs. For promoting the basis of culture, films are helping and coming forward with new innovative...
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Best Award Function in Rajasthan | Rajasthani Culture

Rajasthan has always been a center of attraction for its culture variation, This is the place where we can find diversity in one place, where people are keen to know about Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the city famous for the culture that spread joy and spirit of love, people from all...
Best Award Show

Best award show in India- Culture of Rajasthan

There are many film festivals and program that are celebrated in India. The media industry appreciate the contribution of the artists by organizing various award shows. There are many types of award shows like regional, national, international. In India there are various award...

Mahipal Chandra Bhandari’s ‘Nazarana’

  We know a lot about Bollywood and Hollywood films. But do you know what the first Rajasthani movie was? And who was its main lead actor? This is the unheard story of our first Rajasthani film and its hero… The first ever Rajasthani film was called ‘Nazarana’....