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Short Film Festival | Rajasthan Film Festival Awards

Short Film Festival in India: The trend of cinema has been changing from its start. The newly developed technology, creative thoughts, the new type of stories have left the traditional cinema far behind. The traditional cinema consists of stories of romance, drama, and action only. But today the cinema has a new type of story in each of its creation. Also, the demand of the public has been changed. The traditional stories seem not so interesting to them. The directors and writers try to make some twist in the stories. Today stories with thriller, suspense are more popular, biopics and documentaries are also gaining a good space in the cinema.

Short Film Festival, Rajasthan Film Festival Awards

Real life stories attract more audiences. But some of the new stories and concepts are not open heartedly accepted by people. This may cause loss to the film making artists. But to overcome such trouble, directors and producers have come up with a new concept of short films. This is the new age of cinema.

The directors and producers make experimental efforts with the help of short films to see whether the audience is liking the kind of stories or not. They are low budget films and do not take much time in production. So to try something new becomes easy for directors and producers.

Some of the Short Films in India came up with such unique stories that they stood out of the queue and attracted a lot of audiences. Also, some of them spread awareness regarding social problems and had a huge impact on the youth.

Rajasthan Film Festival has taken an initiative this year to award such artists and organize Short Film Festival in India. The award is categorized into 8 categories, Best Negative Performance, Best Supporting Performance, Best Feature Film in Hindi, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Actor Male, Best Actor Female, and Best Short Film. Different types of short films are accepted and can get nominated during the festival.

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