Rajasthan Film Festival in India

Today many award shows are being held throughout the year in India, both at the national level and at the regional level. National level award shows like Filmfare Awards, IIFA, Stardust Awards, GIMA, TOIFA, etc. and state or regional award shows like Karnataka State Film Awards, Kerala State Film Awards, Orissa State Film Awards, Rajasthan Film Festival, and Bengal Film Critics Awards, etc. Many of the awards show in India targets different purposes like money or fame and the existence of these award shows neither matter nor affect more because while planning for them we forget what award shows are for, and at present, there are not many awards shows in India which can actually be called credible. But still, some of the award show in India recognizes the importance of awards and film festivals for the Indian cinema and how it can help in preserving the culture and its arts for future generations which is possible by empowering cinema and its artists, both at the national and regional level. And Rajasthan film festival is among the latter type of award shows which focuses only on preservation of culture and promoting the talent and thus tries to provide a platform to artists so that they can represent themselves at the global level. Rajasthan film festival is the biggest film festival in Rajasthan and it intends to promote the fresh talent of Rajasthan and to honor the artistic excellence of Rajasthani cinema which entitles the Rajasthan Film Festival as the Best Award show of Rajasthan. It is the Best film festival in India which showcases Rajasthani culture and trait of Rajasthani cinema, Best Award show in India.

Rajasthan Film Festival has now become the most renowned and the best award show in Rajasthan and is held every year in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan Film Festival is the best award show in Jaipur and has attracted the general public and especially the youth of Jaipur. It is not inferior to the national level award shows or the other regional award shows like that of Punjab, Karnataka, etc in any manner. If compared with the best award shows in India, Rajasthan film festival awards stand parallel to these awards in aspects of level of organization and performances but most importantly it focuses on the main motive i.e. to prevent deterioration of cinema and culture. It is a splendid show with Grandeur and warmth of Rajasthan’s culture and heritage.

Best Award show in India- Film Festival in India

The awards presented to artists are on a fair basis and the best work in respective fields is awarded. The awards are decided by a committee headed by a panel of judges. The jury usually consists of the eminent personalities from the field of cinema. The awards tend to promote films with artistic values and encourage artists, technicians, and producers. Being the best film festival in Rajasthan and to become the best film festival in India it is delivered through engaging ideas and multiple touch points. This is a truly integrated property that is bound to create an unprecedented impact in each and every edition. The fame of Rajasthan Film Festival is increasing exponentially day by day and we hope it will become the best film festival in India and will succeed in achieving its target.