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Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination 2022: When we think about Rajasthan, the first thing that springs to mind is its rich culture, which is characterized by regal palaces, enormous forts, traditional dance, and folk music. However, the Rajasthani Film Industry, which produces its films, is mostly unknown. Throughout the 2000s, the number of films produced in the Rajasthani film industry fell drastically. One of the key elements causing the downturn is a lack of promotion and recognition. A movie cannot perform as well in theaters if it doesn’t receive enough attention owing to a lack of promotion, which can also be caused by a lack of finance and recognition. check out the list of Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination 2022.

Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination 2022 | Rajasthan Film Festival 2022

Rajasthan Film Festival provides a platform for recognition of the Rajasthan Regional cinema industry and rewards the artistic and technical excellence of filmmakers, artists, directors, and producers working in the field. Moreover, the Rajasthan Film Festival Award Ceremony is held annually in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is organized by Kanchan Cassettes and Series (KSeries).

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Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination 2022

The Rajasthani regional films are selected in the Rajasthani Regional Films segment and are a rewarded in the following categories:

  • Best Director
  • Best Writer
  • Best Cinematographer
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in Leading Role
  • Best Negative Performance
  • Best Supporting Performance
  • Best Music Director
  • Best lyrics Writer
  • Best Singer (Male)
  • Best Singer (Female)
  • Best Movie
Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination - Other Regional Cinema Category

Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination – Other Regional Cinema Category

Hence, the films select for the Rajasthan Film Festival 2022 include Pyaaro Babul, Shankhanad, and Vachan among others. The film festival also rewards the other regional cinema industry films in the category, of Other Regional Cinema. The RFF’22 10th edition Award Ceremony will be taking place in Jaipur on 24 September this year. Contact us for more information. Contact us at 9672017865 for more information about Rajasthani Regional Movie Nomination 2022.

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