Rajasthan Film Festival-2018
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Five reasons you must attend the RAJASTHAN FILM FESTIVAL!!




Rajasthan Film Festival (RFF) is the biggest and grandest film festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Kanchan Cassette and Series recognised the notion that in order to encourage regional filmmakers, artists and technicians to continue thriving to their best potential, and to honour and respect their contribution towards Rajasthani cinema, it is necessary to commend their hard work and talent. One of the most glorious ways to do so is by awarding their efforts. It gives a fresh and heightened platform to filmmakers, artists and technicians of Rajasthani cinema to motivate them, so that they work harder and take Rajasthan Cinema to a new level altogether. The event itself is a glorious occasion and is something that one must not miss if you are in Jaipur at the time, and especially if one is a movie buff. To back up that statement, here are some reasons it is part of the must see list.

  • If you are into indie films, regional films or even are a Bollywood enthusiast, this is a great platform to discover some hidden gems in the world of cinema that are crafted in an exceedingly artistic ecosystem. They may not be the most popular films but are definitely some of the most stirring. RFF aspires to eventually popularise this content and creation of Rajasthani films to a massive extent on a top notch echelon.


  • Rajasthan has an astounding cultural treasure, and one which can be easily uncovered and experienced through this event. RFF aims to promote and popularise Rajasthani culture through the art of celebration and cinema. It is the best place for an overall fulfilling experience of rajasthani ethnicity. You can witness the best of the indigenousfolk arts through Rajasthani dance, music and culture. All these are the lifelines of this state which are put together and flaunted at RFF.


  • The main reason that RFF came into existence was to promote and support Rajasthani cinema and all the artists, technicians and talent that constitute it. The chief intent is to give due recognition to the emerging and existing members of the industry who keep it up and running in an effortless custom. Therefore, attending this event would show your encouragement and support towards the untiring work force that crafts Rajasthani films.


  • RFF is magnetized towards the youth and tries to inculcate traditional appreciation in them. Its purpose is to ensure that Rajasthani culture does not perish and instead grows on with the coming generations. It curates entertaining events and activities in colleges, schools, and even malls, hence giving the public and youngsters a taste of what the Rajasthani tradition truly holds and to build up an understanding of the culture in the youth.


  • Some of India’s most prominent personalities from the entertainment industry grace the event with their presence. Hence, this is a wonderful opportunity to interact with erudite entities from the cinematic domain. Even the prospect of just listening to them share their knowledge is a splendid experience.


So, come and experience all of Rajasthan’s glory put together in a state of the art event – RAJASTHAN FILM FESTIVAL


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