Glimpses of Rajasthan Film Festival 2023

Date: 30th September 2023
Venue: Deep Smriti Auditorium, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Indi

As time unfolded, the Rajasthan Film Festival marked its 11th edition, reaching new heights. On 30th September, the prestigious Rajasthan Film Awards took place at the Deep Smriti Auditorium in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Preceding the commencement of the 11th Rajasthan Film Festival in Jaipur, a press conference and discussion transpired among key figures in Regional Cinema on 28th September. The panel included actors, directors, artists, technicians, writers, and other prominent individuals active in Regional Cinema. The discourse centered around the current state and trajectory of the state’s film industry.

The grand ceremony for the 11th Rajasthan Film Festival unfolded on September 30th at the Deep Smriti Auditorium, Jaipur. Neha Dhupia and Aftab Shiv Dasani charismatically hosted the event. This year, the Rajasthan Film Festival saw the addition of 24 awards and two broad categories of Rajasthani films and other regional films to the list of nominees.

Adil Hussain, an eminent figure in the regional film industry, graced the award ceremony. Nominations for films like “Ved” were also unveiled. The coveted Lifetime Achievement Award of the 11th RFF 2023 was conferred upon Mr. Gulshan Grover, the renowned Bollywood actor affectionately known as Badman.

Beyond the awards, the audience was treated to a vibrant showcase of Rajasthani culture and language through captivating performances by Folk Singer Mame Khan, Charu Asopa, Kommal Sharma, Kapil Jangir and Komal Amrawat, Sharwan Sagar, and Meenakshi Goswami.

The primary objective of this festival is to acknowledge and express gratitude to everyone who has made significant contributions to Rajasthan’s cinematic landscape. The film “Subhagi” (Rajasthani) and “Ayothi” (Regional) clinched the Best Film Award at the Rajasthan Film Festival 2023.

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