Rajasthan Film Festival-2018

Glimpses of Rajasthan Film Festival 2015


Date :26 September 2015

Venue :Jaipur Bagh, Jaipur, Raj. INDIA


The third annual Rajasthan Film Festival’s proceedings took place over the course of two days, i.e. 25th and 26th September 2015.

The first day was earmarked for a press conference and discussion among the important names in Rajasthani cinema. This panel was headed by popular Bollywood director-producer, Saawan Kumar Tak. The deliberation included actors, directors, artists, technicians, writers, and all personalities involved in Rajasthani cinema and involved scrutinizing the current condition and direction in which Rajasthan’s film industry is headed. In synopsis, Saawan Kumar Tak stated that the industry itself is responsible for its downfall. So instead of cursing the government, it should improve its own product quality because the audience is now much wiser at making choices about the content they wish to consume and is not passive in behaviour anymore. On the other hand, the government ultimately must invest in culture and arts of the state as they do on education and infrastructure.

On the second day, the award ceremony was held at Jaipur Bagh, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur on 26th September. Around five thousand people were present to attend this festival. Twenty five categories were introduced for award nominees in this grand film festival. Mr. Subhash Ghai, one of the most influential directors and producers to be currently active in Bollywood, was the Chief Guest of the award night. The Lifetime Achievement award of 2015 was given to Mohan Kataria, a name in Rajasthani acting and directing. The jury comprised of Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, Vicky Ranawat, and S. Pappu. The ceremony was inaugurated by the Communication & Information Minister Mr. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Widely known and talented personalities like Anoop Soni, Arun Bakshi, Komal Nahata, Swaroop Khan, Rahul Sharma, Aniruddh Dave had also graced the event with their presence and many other Bollywood and TV celebrities were amidst the audience and performers of the function.

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