How do film festivals choose films?

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Selection of films/videos for RFF will be done by a committee whose decision will be final. However, Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or reject any film that is likely to offend the sentiments, feelings, or sensibilities of any caste, community, religion, or sect...

Which is the best film festival in Jaipur?

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Rajasthan Film Festival (RFF) is one of the most popular film festivals in Jaipur, India. It is a 1-day festival held every September, showcasing films from India. RFF is known for its diverse selection of films, including regional feature films, and short films. Overall,...

Can you submit more than one film to a film festival?

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Yes, you may submit more than one film but you will need to complete the application form for each film individually.

What is the goal of the Rajasthan Film Festival?

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The Rajasthan Film Festival Award ceremony (also known as the RFF Awards) is a set of awards presented annually to honor both the artistic and technical excellence of artists in Rajasthani cinema as well as in other Regional cinemas.

Can anyone submit to Rajasthan Film Festival?

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Any organization, agency, individual producer, or director may submit films to Rajasthan Film Festival.