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The bottom line is that the owner hasnt leaned her lesson because she is adding the wristband rule to Blackpool next year. 3 for a hook a duck and we won a prize and the person on the stall refused to hand over the teddy bear to us. RSPB Leighton Moss, Silverdale. New Pleasureland is actually looking very good. The company behind the development has announced plans to extend the outlet village to the front section of the park which, initially, allowed theme park fans to believe that both the "Polo Tower" and "Log Flume" would reopen as part of the development, and speculation was fuelled even further when scaffolding appeared around the "Polo Tower" mid-2008 but the ride's cabin was removed and the tower was partially refurbished. I had some of the best times there and will never forget it! Yes youre right matty but Ive heard that when it closes for the Easter and reopens for summer they will have an extra wooden coaster and maybe a better log flume. WebFri 31 31 March - 9 April CIRCUS IN GLASGOW GLASGOW Alexandra Park, Provan Road, Glasgow, Glasgow 8.99 17.99 April 2023 Tue 11 11 April - 16 April CIRCUS IN LOCH LOMOND LOCH LOMOND BALLOCH, BEN LOMOND WAY, LOCH LOMOND, WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE 8.99 17.99 Wed 19 19 April - 23 April CIRCUS IN GREENOCK Most rides cost 2 which was steep for the sort of kids rides they were. Now entrance is by wristbands. WebHow to get to Pleasureland by Train? View location map, opening times and customer reviews. The layout is really good and the prices are pretty reasonable. Get Directions Morecambe Sunday Market Pleasureland Car Park Off Northumberland Street Morecambe LA4 4BA click here for directions I was devastated when I visited last year and decided to take a walk down. The drama was based on the John Adams opera Pleasureland and was filmed This worked for a few years but once again, numbers dropped, so in 1989, the "Sky Ride" was introduced a cable car system that would allow people to fly over the park and out over the promenade before turning around and going back to the station. On those days, the park is open from 11am 5pm. See the official Southport Pleasureland website (details in information box below) for a full calendar of opening dates and times. Very sad to see it. I do not visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach any more as I will not pay the prices. The Thompsons are money grabbers and dont give a dam about towns or communities. Both parks contained historic rides that should have been preserved. For details of prices see the official website (link in information box at end of this page). Wristbands will be on sale on the following dates from 1pm until 4pm . Nearby Amusement Parks and Arcades. I now have to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which has good rides. No, there are no baby changing facilities. Yummy food to satisfy those grumbly tummies. Hi just read your comments about Southport fair. In 2000, Frontierland was officially closed down by Geoffrey Thompson, managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I was one of the last people who worked at pleasureland. In 2007, it was introduced at New Pleasureland where it has remained to the present day. Opening Times. Used to come here with my parents when I was little. Its still nice to see some of the old sites fixtures around and Casas!!! Great day. The whole place was filled with laughter and merriment. We also have The Big Boot car boot sale on the Winter Gardens car park throughout the summer and Morecambes Outdoor Sunday Market all year round. Morecambe. We visited the cafe by the bumper cars and the food was a disgrace. Sefton Council are putting many of the dismantled rides into storage. Send an email to the CAMRA branch with your updates Now, if I get into a position to take over or, influence this park, it would become a jewel in the crown of Southport and attract people from far and wide as well as spiteful competitors. Pleasureland is located at Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire. I think Dreamstorm and all the workers and maintenance crew are doing an excellent job and should be proud of what they are achieving and putting Southport back on the leisure map again! Weve found the very best for you. The park operates a pre-book wristband system, including a discounted wristband for non-riders. Recently went to Pleasure Beach and it was dead. The ride was removed in 1998, with the floor being broken up and the cups being moved to Pleasureland Southport where they were never used. [4], As of June 2017, the "Polo Tower" is undergoing demolition to make way for a proposed 17m shopping park on the former Frontierland site.[5]. Read this review of Pleasureland Morecambe in North West Lancashire. She has also made things worse for Blackpool. Web01524 424212 Latitude: 54.0720027, Longitude: -2.8723996 07:00 - 21:00 - Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa Amusement Parks in Morecambe Regularly updated information about Pleasureland from Amusement Parks section. So sad. REST IN PEACE PLEASURE LAND!!!!!!! I used to go to Southport Pleasure Beach about four times every year and Im sad to see it has closed down. Who needs Blackpool? Great days. Ive been assessing Southport area and, reading peoples views about Pleasureland. So support and respect. The year 1999 was the last year that Frontierland operated as a permanent theme park with rides that made it such being demolished, removed or made standing but not operating. And enjoyed it every time. I cant wait to go back as my mum said she will take me and my brother again before we go back to school as we really loved it! At New Pleasureland they have the rollercoaster Storm made by Pinfari which is usually quite bumpy. 10/10. Add changing beers. that Geoffrey Thompson had no intention of shutting the park down, as in 1993, with the installation of the tower, he signed a contract allowing a telephone mast to be placed at the top of the tower this contract allowed the company to have their mast on the tower for 20 years meaning that the "Polo Tower" could not be taken down until the contract had expired. . The fair was well good and I had a lot of fun there. You got tokens at at the value of 50p. Just share this listing on Facebook and after automatic checking we will show the listing as recommended and it will be shown first. But it wasnt "raking it in" like Blackpool was it, I wouldnt care, at least one of the rides has been moved to the Pleasure Beach (under a new name of course)A fantastic, value for money place, never to be the same again.I hope someone (privately owned) does re-open the place and it make an absolute fortune!!!! Reel Cinema Morecambe. WebAmusement Parks & Arcades in Morecambe. Southport Pleasureland is a fantastic family-friendly theme park situated right on the golden beaches of this gorgeous fun-filled seaside town! Free for buyers) and set-up times (sellers from 7am) for car boot on Saturday. Morecambes number 1 family entertainment! We invited North East, mum of two, blogger Sacha to visit Tynemouth Aquarium with her family. I was project manager for Pleasure Beach closing down Pleasureland and it was a sad project to work on. WebBath, Morecambe Opening times. Its always about money never about what people want. Who ever thought of shutting down southport fair are ******** . Southport Pleasureland is one of the North Wests top attractions. The Thompsons should sell up now and find real people that want to operate this once fine park or Blackpool may end up with a rather large building site. They offer a great selection of rides and stalls, attractive landscaped grounds plus plenty of food and drink outlets (though they happy for guests to bring their own picnics if they prefer). You get ripped just for just going in. Opening hours from 10am till 12am midnight and will require six new full-time employees providing ride operators and engineers. Not the biggest of fairs but ok for the kids and reasonable price too! Pleasureland closed 1day after the expiry date set in the former pleasurebeach managing directors last will and testament. 15 inch miniature steam railway. The only outdoor model railway village in the UK. View location map, opening times and customer reviews. If they got a few big rides is would liven then place up. They claim they are looking for a partner to develop the land. The ride was removed in 1987 to make way for the "Avalanche". The park is approximately 15 minutes walk from Southport Train Station. Email: solly@thebigboot.com. Also the vast improvements made on site, such as cafes, restaurants and excellent childrens facilities. December 24th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st. "Big Wheel" was opened in 1980 and it was removed in 1982 due to complaints. The Wild Cat ride got stuck when we were going up the first bit. Closes. Southport Pleasure Beach was great. The "Rattler" was moved to the Pleasure Beach, whilst "The Wild Mouse" (later called "Runaway Mine Train" for the new-look Frontierland) and the "Chair-o-Planes" were moved to Pleasureland Southport, which later closed down in 2006. How can this be when the paid peppercorn rent on the site they had in southport. Shame this place closed. The "Teacups" were extraordinary in both their size and in the fact that the base was entirely made of concrete and was sunk into the floor so that guests could simply walk onto the ride instead of having to step up onto it. Can I just say, I went there a few weeks ago and very disappointed to see what they have done to the place, with stomach churning travelling fairground rides that are dodgy. There are no reviews for Trawlers Fish & Chips, be the first to write a review! Instead of paying silly amounts of money on refurbishment that wasnt really needed, why didnt they put it towards new rides or upgrading the older ones. Webpleasureland morecambe opening timeswhere to privately print photos. "Sky Ride" was opened in 1989, removed in 2000. The name New Pleasureland, as the propaganda-like advertising suggests that it would be an improvement on the Great Pleasureland of old. Forms available from Johnny's.There will also be live music, an artisan indoor market and a bouncy slide.All usual prices (10 car, 15 van/trailer. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is next. Had a lovely time, to be honest that was more the weather then the fair! WebContact Us. In 1986, visitor numbers were at an all-time low so Geoffrey Thompson, owner of the park decided to give the ten-acre site a complete overhaul. give norman a chance the parks only been open for 2 months after being totally trashed by bpb,imagine cutting electrical cables trashing arcades, rides etc at least someone wants southport to have a fair. Shops, accommodation, etc. 13,835 were here. I agree Samantha. Pleasureland used to be better it had much rollercoasters like, traumatizer which was great, cyclone, king solmons mine and a few more. Hope it does get developed in to an even better theme park soon. I believe its possible the site will be opened sometime soon to a travelling fair of some kind. National World Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. I used to go their with my parents and friends of the family and my grandad came with us. The retail park was first proposed in 2001, however did not make it off the drawing board until six years later and opened in 2008. The current location of this ride is unknown. Registered address: Day Out With The Kids, First Floor, 1 The Courtyard, 707 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3DA. 3 for hook a frog and he could not pick a prize from all the crap on offer. I do admit Blackpool is tacky going up north but round the Pleasure Beach its not. She is a very rich woman, who has obviously done well in the investment industry. The music on the rides was so low and repetitive you wouldnt think the place was open for people. I spent my early working years at Pleasureland. We went to Pleasureland on Easter Sunday and we found the fair quite boring and full of scallies. Bank holiday Monday 26 May 2008, just got home from a day out to Southports Pleasureland never again!!! but no rides are for 1 token anyway. Demolished in 1999. New rides lots of painting been done and after speaking to a staff member was informed that there will be even more rides and new cafes etc!! To learn more about the Big Boot Pleasureland Car Boot, A6 Car Boot, Pleasureland Sunday Market or any of the attractions located at Pleasureland, Morecambe, then please contact us using the details below: Tel: 01524 424 212 (Mon Sun 10am 10pm) or call Frankie on 07944019158. So angry at what the Blackpool Pleasure Beach owners did to old Pleasureland. Unfortunately now though, it looks bare and boring. I was however introduced to a building site with a few gypsy-like caravans and the odd temporary ride. Used to come as a child and have been holidaying there for last few years with my own family who love it. We consistantly took our children to Southport but will not go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which is a rip-off. But now you have to pay a mortgage payment before seeing a ride. PLEASURELAND, MARINE ROAD, MORECOMBE by Hanco ATM Systems. Its just a travelling fairground they are referring to. A place NOT to take your children. Southport pleasure land was the best theme park around and was great value for money all year round and its a real same its closed and my self i think it should open again!!!! Pleasureland located at the address Winter Gardens, Marine Rd West Morecambe, LA4 4BU. Its a shame it closed because it was great fun. The demolition of the park was due to take three seasons to complete, with the back of the park going first. If you see any details here that need updating, please let us know by submitting updates on the pub. Shows tourist attractions, hotels, shopping, and more. Pleasureland located at the address Winter Gardens, Marine Rd West Morecambe, LA4 4BU. Well James, the Traumatizer has made its way to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Reel Cinema in Morecambe offers a choice of the Read More. I am a scouser and I am very proud to be! the gypsies are back in town what a ripoff ,the so called owners family are pikies who will steal your money ,the only good thing about them is they hate scousers.brian. Click here to visit Southport Pleasureland's website. All the rides were either 2 or 3 pounds. How much money would the real Pleasureland have made today? She is making a lot more mistakes because she is now making people pay more money just to enter the park. Took 4 and 2 year old sons and husband and had a great day. That you can quench your thirst and fill your tummies! They have a lot of rides to go on like Storm previously at Camelot as Gauntlet, M&Ds Mad Mouse and junior coaster Wacky Worm. Well, new pleasureland is now on the up again for 2012 with new rides and a commited new owner. Check out the 10 things you need to know before visiting Siam Park! I didnt win anything on the stalls I went on but wasnt bothered. Apparently from what Ive heard, an American has bought the land from Pleasureland and around it and is building a whole new theme park, still keeping the Pleasureland name. .xx. Before visiting, we advise that you check ahead by phone or via social media to avoid disappointment. This is no good if you take your grandchildren in and dont particularly want to go on rides. Lancaster residents celebrate 'life-changing' 200,000 win on People's Postcode Lottery, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). It was the owner of Blackpool Pleasure Beach that closed the park, so more people would go there and pay the extortionate prices! I took my young daughter here last week and she had a great time. It happened with Southport. I want to support my town and not travel to Gullivers world and Blackpool but the card system is costly for my family for a day out at Southport, especially when some rides are 2 or 3 tokens. 1999 was also the last year of operation for the "Texas Tornado" wooden roller coaster which had operated for 62 years. WE WANT OUR SOUTHPORT BACK! The people to blame are the owners of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Pleasureland Morecambe is the town's premier family entertainment centre. Read More. Webinfo@meyersem.com. It has been a labour of love for Norman to bring it back to the high standard it has reached today. You do not need to be signed in to rate or review Trawlers Fish & Chips. Regular cask ales. Free entry and then 2.00 for the big rides and 1.00 to 1.50 for the smaller ones. Hook a duck was the only extortionate price at 3 where we couldnt use the BOGOF voucher. Monday: 11:30 AM. We parked within what we thought were the time guidelines and got a fright a few days ago when we got a We're working on getting the opening hours for this listing. Add opening times. Cabin removed in 2008 and remaining tower demolished in 2017. noise mitigation; opening hours. The young staff looked like they wanted to escape too. I went to Blackpool in 2007, and the PMBO was closed because of faults, Avalanche was, Ice Blast was and so was the Irn Bru. I have got to say to people travelling fun fairs are far from unsafe due to having to go through strict safety tests by the HSE. Sefton Council have just bought back the remainder of the lease and now control the site. if it hadnt been for sefton councils lack of interest in the site all the great rides there would still be intact although if norman gets support this park can rise once again. Its not expensive you can book online for your wristband and get about a 10 knocked off the price, buy a season pass for the year and gets you unlimited rides throughout the year and its definitely worth it. I think a wristband would be more suitable and it would also be ideal for other events like Halloween. If it wasnt for them Southport would be totally dead! New pleasureland are probably spending double what old Pleasureland spent and is is half as good. Frontierland began to close in 1998, after 92 years of operation. Im not sure where the others have gone. I think we should give the new fella a chance, we all have to start somewhere and at least everyone has still somewhere to go! WebMorecambe Pleasure Park: Location: Morecambe, Lancashire, England: Coordinates: Coordinates: Opened: March 1909: Closed: November 7, 1999: Owner: BPB.Ltd (19091999) Morrisons Plc (20012009) So, in 1993 Frontierland received the "Space Tower", a 150-foot (46m) gyro tower. He was a diamond to the company, and it went down hill from there. See the official Southport Pleasureland website (details in information box below) for a full calendar of opening dates and times. I must admit, however that New Pleasureland was doing well (for a new park only just re-opened), and was quite fun at Halloween. Pleasureland car park is a large beach car park site and the ANPR system is not connected to the Pay and Display system. WebTrawlers Fish & Chips Opening Hours Trawlers Fish & Chips Contacts Phone: +44 1524 424200 Address: Pleasureland Arc, Marine Road West, Morecambe, England LA4 4BU Categories: Establishment Food Meal takeaway You can "Stampede" was relocated from Blackpool Pleasure Beach as Cyclone opened in 1988. They said it closed because it made no money! On Saturday, June 4 there will be a special Jubilee car boot all stalls welcome but please bring all your royal memorabilia and bric a brac too if you have some - its heating up to be a right royal car boot affair! Key Features: Caravans and motorhomes welcome Mains water tap Elsan disposal point 16amp electric hook With the construction of the Big One due to start in late 1992, the "Space Tower" was to be removed. We had a great crew who took a pride in the park and their rides. It was a national treasure and should have been saved. In 1998, when the park began to downsize, the first ride to leave was the "Stampede" roller coaster which had opened at the park in 1988. 11:00 PM. I went to new pleasure land sat 04/06/11 with my wife and two kids. Rollercoasters, log flumes, adult thrill rides, ghost trains, kids rides, bouncy castle and loads more. I am from the Wirral and used to love travelling up to Southport to the fair as I was allowed to venture up there with nothing but 20 in my pocket and a train ticket, from the age of 14!It was an amazing day and me and my friends used to stay all day then spend some of the night in the local food places, that are now surely loosing out!I am now 16 and not allowed to Blackpool due to the "seedy" atmosphere of the pier, and I must admit I went with my mum, step dad and step sister last year, and was shocked by what I saw. "Log Flume" was opened in 1982, demolished in 2009. It just looks like they are employing under-age workers there as well as it looked staffed by children and misfits. Towards the end of the 2000 season, all the rides, shops and facilities such as toilet blocks were removed. WebPleasureland, Morecambe. Marine Drive, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1RX, England. There is a big car park at Pleasure Land with several large spaces for coaches or motorhomes and, as our van is almost 25 feet long, we usually park in one of them. Pleasureland. I did complain, and got an apology straight from Amanda. will lose out on tourists trade. For the little ones we have Johnnys Fun Factory which is available to hire for private parties. WebOpening times (26 Mar 2022 - 25 Sept 2022) * Full details of our opening times can be seen on our website (we are open school holidays and weekends outside school holidays as a rule). Pleasureland is located at Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire. The new pleasure land is great with the new rides but they could cut the prices down for the older children. More than can be said for her school trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach where she managed to get on a total of 3 rides in an entire day. Blackpool is badly located and FAR too expensive, not to mention the queues. I can imagine if you had a large family the costs could mount pretty quickly. I cant wait to see the new one and I am going soon. The outlets opened in 2008 and have remained open since. This is becoming a serious problem for British Tourism. Keep it up New Pleasure Land, you will get there. Shopping and leisure park with multiplex cinema, tenpin bowling alley, and numerous shops and places to eat and drink. Well in storage anyway. In fact it was open 2 years 1 day!! Copyright Day Out With The Kids Ltd. All rights reserved. Currently in storage for. All of the rides, excluding the "Polo Tower" and "Log Flume" were demolished or dismantled and sold on. I went to Pleasureland with my family while on holiday in Southport from Brighton and I must say it was the most soul less place I have ever visited in my life. Tourist attractions and things to do near Southport Pleasureland include: Cinemas near Southport Pleasureland include: Places to shop near Southport Pleasureland include: Hotels near Southport Pleasureland include: Train stations near Southport Pleasureland include: Map showing location of Southport Pleasureland. In 2009, the "Log Flume" was removed whilst the "Polo Tower" continued to remain in situ, albeit with its gondola removed, as its only purpose was to fulfil a contract for the positioning of a mobile phone mast at its peak.[2]. New Pleasureland will open on 15th March 2008 for the season. All rides from 1. It would attract huge amounts of people. A retail park was built on part of the site consisting of three outlets: Homebase, JJB Sports and Next. Very sad. I recently visited the theme park and was very disappointed at what I saw.It was dull and like a ghost town. I think they should introduce a wristband scheme though. It runs from Marine Parade Station (near Southport Pier) to Pleasureland Station (outside the parks main entrance). Im sure there still adding coasters. I know a lot of travellers who have houses to go back to in places some people wish they could afford to live. Would avoid it like the plague. The ride remained dormant throughout the last few months of the 1999 season and the first half of the 2000 season until the ride was demolished in late 2000. There are also smaller rides suitable for small children and toddlers (Canoes etc.) Also lots of slot machines for BIG jackpot prizes! We always call here on our way back from Blackpool so disappointed it has closed. Its ok and on its way to Margate! This is about PLEASURELAND NOT PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT PLACES. In the event of severe weather, the attraction willbe forced to close rides for health and safety reasons., The Alcotraz Cocktail Experience Liverpool is an immersive cocktail experience with actors, bespoke cocktails & mayhem. Morecambe LA4 4BU (Get directions here) Opening Times. In 1992, Geoffrey Thompson was about to make his biggest investment ever at Blackpool Pleasure Beach by introducing the 235-foot-tall (72m) "Pepsi Max Big One", a 12million hyper coaster. I would not advise Pleasureland. The amusement park has a great mix of rides suitable for all ages! If anybody has any idea please let us know. "Ghost Train" classic ghost train attraction. I am really sad it has closed. The ride was initially going to be placed at the back of the park but with the sponsorship from Polo Mints secured, the ride was positioned on the front. Some of the rides that are there now are better but you get ripped off on the games. xx, Not sure about the food and drinks but for the rides you have to buy a lanyard with a card on it for 1, from then on each ticket costs 1 each, and the rides range from 1-4 tickets per rider. Home. The owners, who also owned Pleasureland Southport, which closed in 2006, introduced new rides each year until visitor numbers began to dwindle. katie ; ]. The site itsself is not really safe and resembles a building site. We were planning a short break down to Southport soon from Fife but looks like we will be going elsewhere. Pleasureland was really good and the rollercoster was really fast. We also have The Big Boot car boot sale on the Winter Gardens car park throughout the summer and Morecambes Outdoor Sunday Market all Can`t believe Pleasureland closed! Opens. Went last week to new pleasureland (24th March 2012) and I must admit its looking a lot better than previous years. The knock on effect. Are you looking for a uniquely immersive experience? Pleasureland operates a Funcard system to get on the rides, so you can set your budget for the day. Winter Gardens Morecambe LA4 4BU WebOpening Times. bars. We took our 5 year old grandson to Pleasure Land. Looking for the top family walks around London? Visited today 5/8/11. The site in Morecambe closed because it made no money after the closure of Blobby Land (mr bloody, noels house party, bbc tv). Hardcore coronation fans already camped outside Buckingham Palace, HMV to reopen original flagship store after four year closure, Mller recall Cadbury desserts because of Listeria contamination, Nurses strike continues: Major disruption for NHS services in England, Additional flight to evacuate Britons from Sudan today, Ryanair cancels 220 flights over May 1 bank holiday due to strikes. 5-day weather forecast for Southport. People may act as brainwashed sheep heading to Blackpool but, one day, like seeing town centre shops close down and a shift and divide of society into ghettos and elite areas, the ruin of the fabric of the country and society results. The theme park is based right on the seafront within easy walking distance of the town centre. Im 62 and though the log flume is up my street its more for the younger ones but being free admission it is fantastic. Or she will just get the fair closed, and that will become a dump site along of the others she has dramatically ruined!JonBye.

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