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Philip knew the Templars were astoundingly wealthy and he had big debts to pay. It is not known when Henry Sinclair died. Templars in America explodes the myth that Columbus was the first European to discover the Americas. Historians have speculated that in 1391 Sinclair and his troops slew Malise Sparre near Scalloway, Tingwall parish, Shetland.[5][9]. [8], To replace Montmagny, the Order sent two new lieutenant governors. [Find out what the Templars . "Cockburn, Henry Thomas" . So where had they gone? But on balance, the expressions of historicist foolishness and idle prejudice are few compared with accounts of money donated and distributed to schoolchildren in faraway lands, and advocacy for peace through respectable bodies by organizations like the U.N. Later, as the night winds down, we stand on a roof terrace overlooking the street outside the hotel. A faltering war in the middle east. [5] Poincy began to invest heavily in building projects on the island. In 1898, a Minnesota farmer uprooted a large stone dating back to 1362 covered with mysterious runes. Everything from the treasures of the Knights Templar to Shakespearean manuscripts have been claimed to be buried in the famous 'Money Pit' situated somewhere on the Nova Scotian island. A terrible copy of the engravings was sent to the University of Minnesota, where the translation was attempted by Olaus J. Breda. A simple farmer did not expect to discover what appeared to be an ancient stone with Viking style graphic symbols engraved on it in the state of Minnesota. [8] He sent an additional 300 men to reinforce and take over the small French settlement on Saint-Martin. Ave Maria. 1, ed. Knight and Lomas speculate that the Knights Templar discovered under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a royal archive dating from King Solomon's times that stated that Phoenicians from Tyre voyaged to a westerly continent following a star called "La Merika" named after the Nasoraean Mandaean morning star. Its a historical legacy many groups vie for, and in that regard the SMOTJs celebration is off to an inauspicious start: Most scholars date the foundation of those first Templars to 1119 or 1120, making the order today just 898 or 899 years old. Situated in Westford, Massachusetts, a mysterious rock adds further intrigue to the Sinclair story. That is all the recorded history we have on Sinclair; the rest is slightly more speculative. Later that century, the castle was chosen as the headquarters of . Thus, was born the Order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Several researchers have noted that the towers double flue system in the fireplace is comparable with medieval Scottish architecture. The revelations in the Cryptic Code are sure to generate new discussion around the medieval Knights Templar, their role in the European exploration of North America, and of the origins of the Hooked X. Later in the century, tienne-Franois Turgot, a Hospitaller and colonial administrator, tried unsuccessfully to settle Maltese people in Guiana.[5][13]. The 12th-Century hermitage of San Bartolom in north-central Spain is a masterpiece of Templar symbolism, a chapel built in an area that has drawn spiritual seekers since the Bronze Age. In light of such films as The Da Vinci Code and, to a lesser degree, National Treasure, the Knights Templar have enjoyed a revival of interest in their much-storied history.That history is one where the lines of legend and fact aren't so much blurred as rubbed out altogether. Many men wear military formalwear underneath. In 1665, the Knights sold their colony to the newly formed Compagnie des Indes occidentales. Zeno the Younger had discovered these documents hidden away in the family home. [12] However all these orders were created after Sinclair's death. Some dream of one day having the order restored to papal favor with recognition by the Vatican. Wolter had discovered that each of the nine gyphs was around two inches long and one-half of an inch deep. [5], The council of the Grand Master decided that Poincy could continue to serve as governor, but they also made the former governor of New France, Charles de Montmagny, the "proconsul general," sending him to represent their interests on Saint Christopher. Its property was confiscated and its members stripped of their rank. He swore he had told the truth about the finding until the time of his passing. Hello, Sign in. Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, Lord of Roslin (c. 1345 - c. 1400) was a Scottish and a Norwegian nobleman.Sinclair held the title Earl of Orkney (which refers to Norreyjar rather than just the islands of Orkney) and was Lord High Admiral of Scotland under the King of Scotland.He was sometimes identified by another spelling of his surname, St. Clair. From there, the Templars are said to have hugged the coastline until reaching Scotland. If you purchase an item through these links, we receive a commission. King Louis XIII soon after made Poincy his Lieutenant-General for the entire Caribbean. Only time will tell if the voyage of Henry Sinclair can be categorically proven by archaeological discovery. (1362) Part of the Reconquista; Kingdom of Castile Kingdom of Jan Order of Calatrava: Emirate of Granada: . It extends beyond above the surface of the sea and is frequently washed by the wave action. In 1635, Razilly suggested to the Grand Master of the order, Fra' Antoine de Paule, that the Hospitallers establish a priory in Acadia, but de Paule rejected the idea. After a vacancy lasting 18 years, three cousins Alexander de L'Arde, Lord of Caithness; Malise Sparre, Lord of Skaldale; and Henry Sinclair were rivals for the succession. Templar iconography is popular with European neo-fascists: The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik claimed to be a Templar, and Knights Templar International is an online network that connects far-right activists, particularly in Britain. Two authors write that the Gnostic beliefs of the Knights Templar were passed down through the Founding Fathers. [6] Martinique, Guadeloupe, and several other islands were sold to private individuals. Joseph A. Auteri draws his sword and hands it to his Grand Prior, Patrick Carney, who brings it down through a layer of yellow icing, cutting a large birthday cake in half. Though Breda was a professor of Scandinavian literature and languages, his knowledge was limited. Evidently a very long time ago, along riverways going toward Ohmans farm, the 14th-century seafarers were noted to favor triangular mooring holes. Dan Jones They have recently self-published a long, painstakingly footnoted book about Templarism over the centuries. They crop up regularly in modern entertainment, most famously in Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code, which cast them as the shadowy guardians of ancient religious secrets, and more recently in the video game franchise Assassins Creed, which transforms them into time-traveling supervillains. "In this meticulously researched book William Mann demonstrates how that most peculiar and fascinating medieval institution, the Knights Templar, transported treasures from the Old World to the safety of North America. Its place in New Englands biggest river, which functions as a wide area natural harbor, tends to support the possibility of visiting seafarers who used this place as a headquarters to navigate the interior. A Templar's House once stood near the site of what is now the Turriff town hall, on land granted to the Knights Templar in the mid-twelfth century. At the same time, Cardinal Mazarin, France's chief minister, was busy with the Peace of Westphalia and could not devote his attention to colonization. The mystery of Royston cave: Knights Templar in Hertfordshire? [6][12], By the early 1660s, frustration was growing that the colonies were not turning a profit. Templar iconography is popular with European neo-fascists: The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik claimed to be a Templar, and Knights Templar International is an online network that connects . But it was discovered on the rune stone that was discovered in the year 1898. In the month of November, he presented his main discoveries. After the dubbings come many awards. He built strong and impressive fortifications on Saint Christopher along with churches, roads, a hospital, and his own grand residence, the Chteau de la Montagne. This refers to his position as the Lord High Admiral of Scotland while in service to the King of Scotland. The finding of a single runic letter the dotted R was not identified to scholars until 1935. Their internal literature liberally cites medieval texts such as those of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who wrote the original Templars quasi-monastic rules. The crowd is mostly dressed in business attire, but Auteri is wearing medieval-style armor: a shirt of steel-link mail, a mail coif on his head, plate armor on his shoulders and white linen robes emblazoned with a red cross. Knights Templar Knights Hospitaller Order of Calatrava: Almohad Caliphate Taifa of Niebla: . It was, however, actually left there by the Knights Templar instead of the Norsemen. As such, the group remains an enigma to many today.. The Knights Templar was a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who carried out an important mission: to protect European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land while . Survey finds 1 in 8 Brits believe they could pull off the perfect bank robbery? Jones is a regular columnist for the London Evening Standard and has been published in the Atlantic, the Sunday Times, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal. The Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios) emerged in March 2011 as a splinter group of the once-mighty Familia Michoacana. Wolter has explained the hooked X was a symbol that was important and likely made by the Cistercian monks. The Templar knight held these islands as a fief from the . This firm specialized in the analysis of the materials used to construct the stone. He was sometimes identified by another spelling of his surname, St. Clair. Cambridge University Press. With Matthew Branch, Jeremy Frandrup, Adam Glatzl, Tony McMahon. The rock was left as a memorial to the fallen knight. His sword, modeled on one from the Ridley Scott movie Kingdom of Heaven, is not battle sharp, but it cuts sponge cake easily enough. Wolter gave us the Kensington Rune Stone amoung other, linked finds. According to Lomas, Sir William, the chapel builder, is also the direct ancestor of the first Grand Master of Masons of Scotland, also named William St Clair (Sinclair).[37]. It is assumed that Prince Henry Sinclair was involved in the building of the Newport Tower. Theres an 18th century tale that speaks of an influx of Templars to Scotland during the reign of Robert the Bruce, in the hope of escaping the suppression of their order. AETNUK. Its good networking, with regular opportunities to wear uniforms, accrue titles and hang out with other like-minded Christians who get a kick from sharing a romantic, medieval past. Sinclair supposedly followed this route. Little is known of this House, and the original structure is lost. With no ideas or preconceived notions, he came up with a different outcome from his research. Yet Wolter broadens his studies to unveil much more. Poincy sent a group of 30 men to replace them, which grew to 100 by 1664. Knights had fled with whatever treasure was behind those immense walls. During the meal I feel a hand on my shoulder, and a knight whose name I do not catch leans in and whispers conspiratorially, We were thereI assume he means the Holy Landfor 160 years, and they tried to kick us out but we survived., Dont forget, we were Gods shock troops.. [5], On 2 August 1379, at Marstrand, near Tnsberg, Norway, Haakon chose Sinclair over Sparre, investing Sinclair with the Jarldom or Earldom in the Peerage of Scotland. In Nashville I meet several one- and two-star generals and many colonels, majors and captains.) Honky-tonk music drifts up from the bars below. Although it is all plainly nonsensical, ambivalence toward Muslims is in tune with Templar history; many of the original order died fighting Islamic armies, yet the 12th-century Syrian writer Usama ibn Munqidh praised the Templars for clearing a space in their chapel in Jerusalem so he could pray toward Mecca. In 1128, the second baron of Roslin, Henry St Clair, had met the founder of the Knights Templar, Hugh de Payens, when he visited Scotland to spread the word about the. This port is in south west France so the fleet then rounded the French coast past Brittany and on to England. [42][43], (Top) Earl of Orkney and Baron of Roslin Coats of Arms. The Arabic numerals were defenseless to alteration by interlopers. It was, however, actually left there by the Knights Templar instead of the Norsemen. Wolter displays the near resemblance to the sacred structures located in medieval Europe and the Near East, Scotlands middle 12th century Eynhallow Church located in Orkeney, or Jerusalems Templum Domini. However, a biography of Hughes de Payens by Thierry Leroy identifies his wife and the mother of his children as Elizabeth de Chappes. He ultimately clearly discerned the depicted outline of a broadsword which, according to historian Michael Kaulback, was identified by British antiquarians as a big wheel pommel blade of the 14th or 13th century. Stucco was added in the 1200s, and is featured in Orkney and Shetland. Immediately after the deliverance of Jerusalem, the Crusaders, considering their vow fulfilled, returned in a body to their homes. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, much more interested in colonization than Mazarin, was now in power in King Louis XIV's court, and he applied pressure to the Knights to sell. new order. Its prominence . Among the least known, but most convincing, finding of its type is a one line, lithic inscription discovered close to Pojac Point in Narragansett Bay, a large river on the north side of Rhode Island Sound. During this time, the Order acted as proprietor of the islands, while the King of France continued to hold nominal sovereignty; however, Poincy ruled largely independent of them both. [citation needed], The next Grand Master, Giovanni Paolo Lascaris, was more interested in colonial affairs. [5] By this time the Company was languishing. So it seems beyond fitting they could play a role in the Sinclair story. However, beginning on Friday 13th October 1307 the Templars were destroyed in a process instigated by the French king Philip IV The Fair and abetted by Pope Clement V. The Templars had been tainted by the final failure of the crusades in 1291; they were also victims of the French kings chronic shortage of money. But today, Templar revivalism is strong, reports the Smithsonian and Templar iconography is popular with European neo-fascists. The short period of Hospitaller occupation is still remembered on the different islands. They were charged with heresy and committing . (1911). The Knights Templar, dating back to the 18th Century, are very much like other Freemasons but with a Christian ethic. This is believed because the architecture of the tower has similarities to that of northern Scotland, where Prince Henry had ruled. 2023 Smithsonian Magazine It had been uncovered from the deep beneath the banks of the Red River near Climax, Minnesota. He would sample the core and examine it through a scanning electron microscope. Year 1362.. By day Joe Auteri, 49, is a partner in a financial planning company based in Pennsylvania. They were located in church cemeteries on the island of Gotloand, which was off the coast of Sweden. (The modern order recruits strongly from the officer classes of the U.S. military. Wolter decided to go further into his quest for information about the artifact to find the identity of the man who engraved the inscription the Cistercian monk from Gotland mentioned in the runic text. The original Knights Templar in the Holy Land was established in 1119 CE and served as an elite Catholic military order during the Crusades. These kind of conditions argue strongly against the possibility of a hoax. The brothers journey had supposedly taken place in the 1390s and saw the pair venture westwards towards North America. Not many books have ever really rewritten history, yet The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America, by the writer Scott F. Wolter, is definitely one of . pp. The original Knights Templarshorthand for the Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalemwere founded to protect Christian pilgrims on the roads of Palestine following the First Crusade; the group was named for its original headquarters on the Temple Mount. A couple are talking about St. Bernard of Clairvauxs philosophy. If the theory about the Westford Knight being James Gunn was true as well, it would add further credence to the Templar myth as Gunn was a known Knights Templar. In fact, there is no known published documentation from that era to support the theory that such a voyage took place. The medieval Knights Templar left their mark with a series of ancient buildings on Poland's western border, weaving themselves into local legend and, according to some accounts, bringing the Holy . Some other researchers have proposed units of measurement that were used to create the tower were either the Norwegian alen or the Scottish ell. Templar Sanctuaries in North America is not only fascinating and illuminating, but typical of William Mann, it is also a . An inscription carved on a remote sea cliff in Newfoundland sends Scott Wolter chasing a trail of clues that could lead to treasure buried in the 14th century by the mysterious medieval order of the Knights Templar. [CDATA[// >